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The 10/40 Window

97 percent of the world’s unreached people live in the 10/40 Window — a rectangular shaped area extending from West Africa to East Asia, from 10 degrees north to 40 degrees north of the equator.

In this part of the world, millions live with little or no chance of ever hearing the Gospel. This window encompasses the majority of the world’s Muslims, Hindus, and Buddhists.


1.2 Billion People Live In India

The darkest of all areas within the 10/40 Window is Asia, where over 80,000 people die every day without knowing about the love of Jesus Christ. With over 600,000 villages in India alone having never heard the Gospel, there are many opportunities for ministry in this region.

Ministries from around the world have acknowledged this opportunity over the years and sent thousands of missionaries to minister the Good News of Christ to the people of India.


The Great Harvest

National missionaries are native, national-born Indians who have embraced the mission to share the Gospel with their people. This is one of the great works of the last few decades as the Lord has raised thousands of missionaries from within India itself.

It seems that this is the time for the great harvest in India. The time has come to redeem God’s people from the bondages of sin and darkness and bring the unreached people to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.