Mission Voice Network

Providing hope and support in rural villages throughout India.


Our Focus

The 10/40 Window

97 percent of the world’s unreached people live in the 10/40 Window — a rectangular shaped area extending from West Africa to East Asia, from 10 degrees north to 40 degrees north of the equator.

The Challenge

1.34 Billion People Live In India

In this part of the world, millions live with very little. This window encompasses the majority of the world’s Muslims, Hindus, and Buddhists. With over 600,000 villages in India there are many opportunities to assist in this region.

National workers are native, national-born Indians who have embraced the mission to share and give hope to their own people. This is one of the great efforts of the last few decades as thousands of laborers are from within India itself.


What We Do


The Primary Purpose of Mission Voice Network

The primary purpose of Mission Voice Network is to work and give hope in rural and remote villages through the help of a national team.

Mission Voice Network comes alongside faithful national workers and provides various types of support that will enable them to be more effective in the task of helping their communities.


The Importance of Supporting National Workers

National workers are born and raised in India. They are natives of India. These native-born individuals have many key advantages over other nationalities and their efforts to impact the Indian people:

  • They know the languages of the peoples.
  • They know the cultures of the people.
  • They know the mindset of the local people.
  • They are accustomed to the local weather, food, and living conditions.
  • No additional training is needed for them to learn the culture or languages.
  • They already live and work across the entire country of India.

Because of their faithfulness and willingness to help others, national workers have many opportunities to encourage and share with literally millions of men, women, and children.

How We Do It

Mission Voice Network helps our local partners in the following ways.


Financial Support and Training

  • We provided monthly financial support to team members as they begin new efforts in villages.

  • Teaching and training are vital to the men and women who work fulltime.

  • Each worker is under the guidance of an educated regional director, who provides training and encouragement.

  • Each worker serves a minimum of five villages in his area.



  • We provide bicycles to help our team workers travel to surrounding villages.

  • We provide regional directors with motorbikes due to the large geographical area they cover.

  • These items enable able them to take resources and supplies to a larger geographical area than if transportation was not available.


Local Outreach and Help

  • We bore water wells in rural, remote villages where workers are trying to make a difference. These wells help the poor who are struggling to find safe drinking water.

  • We sponsor child development centers where we provide food, tutor in academics, physical hygiene, and social skills.

  • We have a feeding program for the destitute poor, widows, and the elderly.

  • We provide books and literature.

  • We have a mobile team that shows films and movies in the villages.


These types of outreach and helping programs open doors and provide a true sense of hope and encouragement to the local people.

How You Can Help


We are grateful and blessed for the many people who have raised up with a heart to help in the vast nation of India.

You can help by providing financial support for the work of MVN. Click below to discover items needed or donate now.

— Thank you —

Looking to help even more?

There are many humanitarian needs to be met that open the doors to interact and speak into the lives of the millions of people who live without hope and security in their future.

Please contact our office directly and we will be glad to share with you ways that you can join us in helping on various levels to reach those in India.

Current Needs

The following are important basic needs of the national team members in India.



A bicycle ($140) is a real luxury in the rural villages of India. A motorbike ($1,500) would seem extravagant. Yet these two items can do more to help our national workers reach and help more people.


Child Tutoring Centers

MVN operates Child Tutoring Centers ($70/ month) with hundreds of children attending.  MVN leadership appoints a tutor and an assistant. Tutors spend 20+ hours/week teaching social interaction, physical hygiene, and academic tutoring on many topics.


Water Wells

When MVN bores water wells ($2,500) in a village, needs of the entire community are met. As MVN installs these water wells, the people in the rural villages will have easy access to clean water, minimizing diseases and deaths caused by waterborne parasites, as well as minimizing the amount of time spent collecting water each day. Villagers are taught the benefits of clean water and good sanitation practices to prevent contamination of the new water source.

Installing these wells opens doors for workers to interact and speak to villagers freely provide additional teaching in many ways.


Food Bags

Food bags and bags of rice are provided primarily for the destitute poor of a village. (Everyday 7,000 people in India die from poverty and starvation).

A mere $10 provides 50 meals and $20 purchases a 25Kg bag of rice. This relieves the financial strain and provides sustenance for a family. MVN becomes the hands and feet of a greater Love by providing rice bags and food bags to the destitute poor. Villages have been transformed when the people experience this type of love expressed this way.


Sewing Machine

A sewing machine (cost of $150) is a tool that allows women to learn new skills, build self-confidence, and provide a livelihood and income for her family.

These type of self-sustaining job opportunities provide a way to take care of their financial needs and avoid the severe poverty that so many experience.


Community Building

As a community is transformed and grows, a building provides a place to live for the workers and space for a variety of training meetings and gatherings. $2,500 will provide a 20’ X 40’ structure.


Thank you for helping us provide hope and support in rural villages throughout India.