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Prayer Needs

Isaiah 56:7   “…for my house shall be called a house of prayer for all peoples.”



Pray for unreached people groups:

Pray for people groups throughout India who have never heard the name of our Lord Jesus. Pray that God will begin softening their hearts and they would be open to the Gospel message.

Pray for evangelism efforts:

Pray for those who are boldly sharing Christ. Ask that God will empower them with His Holy Spirit.

Pray for resources for those who are visiting in homes and villages. Pray that God would supply them with Bibles, New Testaments, oral materials, gospel literature, and other resources.

Pray that they will readily find a “man of peace” when they enter a new village.

Pray for church planters and field leaders:

Pray for the spiritual training and strategy meetings of church planters and leaders. Pray God will direct their paths in the areas that are ready for the Gospel.

Pray for physical and spiritual protection. Pray that they will experience growth in their daily spiritual walk.

Pray for the ministry leaders working within these unreached regions. They are literally invading hostile territory. Many have come under severe persecution. Their health, their family, and jobs are all subject to attack by the Enemy. Prayer is their best defense.

Pray that God will bring additional workers to assist in establishing house churches within the villages and areas where new believers have surfaced. Pray for wisdom for these leaders and for those who will be participating in training to fulfill these roles.

Pray for house churches:

Pray for the growth and replication of believers and new house churches.

Pray that God would supply leaders for new house churches.

Ask the Lord to lead people within existing churches to go to neighboring (proximate) people groups and share the good news of Jesus Christ.

Pray for new believers:

Pray for the discipleship process of new believers. Pray that teachers and needed resources will be available to assist in this process.

Praise God for the steps of obedience that new believers take as a testament to God’s work in their lives. Pray they will be bold in their stand for Christ and the teachings from the Bible.

Pray that new believers will be baptized and show their friends and family that they are now worshipping the one true God.

Pray for those who witness the changed lives of those in their homes, villages, and cities. Pray they respond to the prompting of the Holy Spirit.


Pray for persecuted brothers and sisters:

Pray that God provides believers with the wisdom and protection in the midst of persecution. Many have been killed, beaten, and threatened. Pray they will endure and trust in a sovereign God.

Pray for safety as our brothers and sisters encounter the enemies of God. Pray for those who wish to stop the communication and spread of the Gospel and hurt believers. Pray for the salvation of those who persecute. May they have an undeniable encounter with the one true God.

Pray that God will receive glory in any and all circumstances that affect His people and His Kingdom.