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How To Help

National Missionaries In India Have Trouble

Meeting Their Basic Needs


There are a very limited number of mission agencies in India to stand alongside these national missionaries and help them in ministry. As a result, many thousands of missionaries are left all alone in the mission field. Because of the poverty, famine, and living conditions these missionaries experience, many are literally starving to death in the rural villages of India.

You must understand that many of these missionaries are first-generation Christians. They have rejected the Hindu religion of their elders and embraced Jesus Christ as their personal savior. This does not sit well with their families and village leaders. Many are chased from their families and villages and forced to live amongst the poorest of the poor — all for the sake of His Gospel. They find themselves living in isolated, remote villages where poverty, famine, and unemployment is rampant. Many lack basic food and shelter.

By faith in God, these missionaries continue to stay among the poor and destitute and bring them to the saving knowledge of Jesus. They walk many miles every day visiting village after village meeting with people to share the love of Jesus. Many do not have a bicycle for transportation. They do not have hospitals, good drinking water, or schools for the children’s education in many of the rural villages. Added to the lack of basic necessities is the ongoing persecution these national missionaries face for shunning the religion of their fathers. Beatings, death threats and imprisonment are a few of the things they encounter on a daily basis.

These missionaries are praying, waiting, and weeping in the mission field seeking support from God’s people for God’s work.

Will you help these men and women share the Gospel? Your support for their basic necessities can work wonders in their lives.

The following are important basic needs of the national missionaries in India:

Monthly Monetary Support

Fifty dollars ($50) per month helps provide basic food, clothing, medicine, and housing for a missionary family. This support is only needed for five years. Within that period of time, each missionary is able to establish self-supported churches.


A bicycle ($140) is a real luxury in the rural villages of India.A motorbike ($1,500) would seem extravagant. Yet these two items can do more to help our missionaries reach more people for Christ. No more walking from village to village to share the gospel.