Hindu hm & family

Hindu family watches as the Mobile Gospel Team prepare to share the love of Jesus video in the middle of a little street in their village.

 Our visit to India this January 2014, was again a blessing to both Tony, myself, and the missionaries of Mission Voice Network.  We went with the Mobile Gospel Team to share the love of Jesus in four villages with many people coming after the films for prayer.  We would drive to a remote village unannounced, set up the projector, screen, sound system and start showing the evangelistic films.  Two to three hundred people in the village would gather to watch.  Then we would share the gospel with them.  It was a very spiritually fruitful time.


Missionary Daniel’s home church. Mats cover the cow dung floor.



Missionary Sundar’s church


Missionary Sunder with church members in front of their church.

We were in homes and churches, in small clearings among coconut groves.  We had the honor of participating in the dedication of  a small church. We worshipped with His precious saints and prayed for many, the needs are so great, we could see the visible and recent wounds they had suffered from the beatings received because of being a follower and lover of Jesus.  Please remember our brothers and sisters in your prayers.  Faith in our Savior, Jesus, can easily cost them their life.  Most Indian people are kind and gentle but the radical Hindu’s, who have yet to experience the love of Jesus, are extremely hostile.

Please continue to pray that the love of God will be more and more revealed to the millions who know not Jesus as Lord, Redeemer, and Savior.

Thank you so much for your prayers, our journey was long with no problems.  Our health was good and energy was high.  Again this year we celebrated our wedding anniversary in India, both of us could not ask for a better place to be for this our 46th year.  The missionaries commented and laughed that we have been married more than their years of life.

 We serve a mighty God whose love and grace is overwhelming.  He does hear the petitions of His children and honors them.

Thank You, Jesus!  You are truly the Lamb that is worthy of all glory and honor.





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